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A Dermal Clinician is someone who has undertaken a Bachelor Degree of Applied Health Sciences in Clinical Aesthetics or Dermal Science. Dermal clinicians bridge the gap between beauty therapists/dermal therapists and dermatologists. The Bachelor Degree is a 3-4 year full time degree that covers the anatomy and physiology of the entire body, in depth science […]

What is a Dermal Clinician?

I’m sure that you have experienced a nasty breakout sometime in your life as a side effect of stress. Usually these occur at the most inconvenient times, but why? And is there anything that can be done to prevent these? Stress can be experienced in many different ways – for some people stress is very […]

How can I get rid of my acne if it’s caused by stress?

Best suited for: acne, anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation, wound healing, prior to skin needling, post advanced/surgical treatments. LED light therapy utilises different wavelengths of light to penetrate different depths into the skin, creating different cellular responses. The cells within the skin convert this light energy into fuel, similar to photosynthesis in plants. These cells then work […]

How does LED light therapy work?

Best suited for: dull skin, anti-ageing, mild acne, slow healing skin. Cupping is an ancient alternative type of medicine that utilises suctioned cups on the skin to stimulate a healing response. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that cupping improves the flow of blood, lymph and Qi (the energy that flows through the body). At […]

What is facial cupping?

Best suited for: uneven skin tone, acne scars, anti ageing, pigmentation, skin strengthening, scarring. Skin needling, aka microneedling, is a treatment that uses very fine needles to penetrate the skin and create microscopic wounds. This process induces the skin’s natural wound healing response, known as the inflammatory cascade. During the healing process, skin cell and […]

What is skin needling?